Biplane Pendant Light - order before 11/1 price increase
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Just Wingin' It Women's Biplane T-Shirt with Bling
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P-51 Mustang Ceiling Fan | Low Price Match Guarantee
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Silver Piper Style Heart Pendant with Necklace
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Airplane Weather Vane, Garden Size
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Set of 3 Barnstormer Propellers with Rack
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14K Gold Piper Style Earrings
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Airplane Bookcase
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Corsair Airplane Indoor/Outdoor Art - LARGE
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WW II Flyboy Sculpture
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Hurry Up Santa Greeting Cards
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Red Airplane Glass Ornament
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Hot Air Balloon Ornament with Crystals
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Silver Plated Airplane Ornament with Crystals
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Santa Claus Musical
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Tailwinds Blog
Earhart Crash Site Proven?
It looks like it may be official. An approximate 3 foot square of aluminum found on Nikumaroro, an uninhabited atoll, has a high degree of authenticity that it belonged to Amelia Earharts Lockheed Electra aircraft. Earhart went missing on July 2, 1937 while circumnavigating the world. The aluminum patch was a replacement for a navigation window. TIGHAR, The International Group for Historic Recovery, has theorized the Earhart and her navigator landed on the coral reef but eventually perished on the waterless atoll.
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About Tailwinds
Hi! Im Nancy and this is a photo of me from the 1992 Around the World Air Race. Im holding what is left of a spinner from the Tailwinds World Flyer, a Piper PA-39 Twin Comanche. The rest of the spinner had crashed into the windshield leaving a 5 inch gaping hole as we were racing over southern France approaching Cannes. We had just flown over 12 hours from Nuuk, Greenland and were racing for first place. The sun had risen and fortunately I had put on my sunglasses so there was no eye damage as the glass flew into the cockpit and into my face. Such are the mishaps and adventures of cross country air racing. And adventure is one of the reasons why I love aviation!
Tailwinds began as a catalog operation in 1986 on the kitchen table of one of our founders, Marion Jayne. Marion was my mother, personal CFI, and pilot extraordinaire! She was the 12th woman in the United States to earn her ATP rating, and was honored as one of the top 100 aviators of the century at Kitty Hawk in 2003. We began Tailwinds because we wanted to offer products that represented the love of aviation and the celebration of flight. Weve had tremendous growth since we published our first catalog, but our founding principles remain the same. Our goal is to provide a pleasant shopping experience featuring only quality products and top-notch customer service.

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