Delta 757-200 Plane Tags

Own Some Aviation History With This Genuine Skin of a Delta 757-200 Aircraft

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Size: 3" high x 1.5" wide
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The Delta Airlines Boeing 757-200 N602DL plane tag is made from the actual fuselage of the B757 aircraft, and is a special edition of 5,000 units. Plane tags are great gifts for pilots, airplane enthusiasts, and also make a notable airplane collectible. These airplane tags can easily be used as luggage tags or keychains. Or, make a collection of all our Special Edition Airplane Tags for a stylish wall display.

This genuine skin plane tag is not just stamped metal as each carries the color, thickness, and actual wear and tear from the fuselage from where it was cut. Each plane tag is truly unique as variations are not product flaws, but simply different parts of the fuselage. As such, please be aware that we cannot guarantee the airplane tag color. The back of the airplane tag has space to write a name, address, and phone number.

Brief History of the Delta Airlines Boeing 757-200 N602DL Aircraft
This collectible plane tag from the 757-200 Tail # N602DL aircraft finished its lengthy career serving with Delta Airlines from June 1984 through June, 2013. The 757-200 aircraft is known for being the longest single aisle commercial twin jet airplane. At that time it was also had the best fuel mileage.