Propeller Clocks

Propeller Clocks, or Prop Clocks, as they are sometimes called, are very popular and fashionable airplane decorations. It is easy to see why they are in such demand. A Propeller Clock adds a fantastic focal point to any room, and they are also practical by providing a clock functionality. At Tailwinds we have a variety of Propeller Clocks that will complement an array of airplane décor. These vintage style wooden Propeller Clocks will easily fit in any aviation themed room such as a bedroom, den, office, man cave or aircraft hangar.

We have added clocks to some our most admired replica antique propellers such as the Curtiss Jenny, Sopwith Camel, DH-4 de Havilland, and Piper Cub propellers. The clocks sit in the “hub” which is where the two blades join in the center. All the Propeller Clocks allow the clock to turn inside the hub so it is easy to hang the prop clock at any angle. This allows the 12 o’clock position to be displayed at the top of the clock. Giving a Propeller Clock as a gift is sure to be a hit with any pilot, aviation enthusiast, or youngster that dreams of flight.

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