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We are pilots...so we know and we rely upon propellers. Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci invented the first propeller? It, like original propellers was called an air screw. Still the principle of cutting spirally through the air to create lift uses the same physics as the modern propeller.

At Tailwinds, we offer the most authentic replica wooden propellers. This means features such as red tips on the blades common in early day aviation. The red tip propeller was developed as a safety feature since it was not uncommon for bystanders to walk into a spinning prop.

Many of our propellers also have authentic brass edging which is used on both sides of the leading edge, not just the front of the blade. This was to improve performance and keep a better airflow on the edge of the propeller. And of course they look cool!

Our props are manufactured in Asia and the United States from sustainable forestry. This video link will show you how traditional propellers are made.

So each of the magnificent Tailwinds propellers is painstakingly designed and crafted to strict specifications. What is more important to you however is that they will surely add interest to a living room, den, man cave or hangar--- anywhere that you want to enhance your decor with the Tailwinds aviation theme! Check out all of the positive reviews on each Tailwinds propeller product page.

Want to learn more about propellers? Here is where you can learn more about the history of propellers. Also there are many sites on the web worth checking out including the Smithsonian and also: Propellers | How Propellers Work. We hope the Tailwinds propeller page has been helpful and be sure to contact us with any other propeller information you think might be interesting and useful to you.