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Metal Airplane Art Signs

Metal Airplane Art Signs
Most of these stunning metal Airplane Signs display the gorgeous work of aviation artist Stan Stokes. Stan is a renowned award winning painter that has spent his life portraying airplanes in realistic settings effectively revealing the history of the aircraft. The beauty of these vintage aviation signs is that the recipient gets to own incredible aviation art at a very affordable cost!

Stan Stokes airplane art is impressively displayed on these, made in America, heavy gauge steel signs. Each metal airplane sign is produced on American made steel. A process called sublimation is used to produce the vivid colors seen on each aviation art sign. First a powder coating is applied that is baked onto the steel plate to provide a long lasting and durable finish. Then a special top coat is applied by hand to give the airplane sign a vintage look. Finally rivets are drilled into the metal to make the sign easy to hang. Magnificent airplane art at a low cost. It doesn’t get much better than that.