Airplane Clock with Trench Art

Trench Art Aluminum Airplane Clock is Great Aviation Decor for Your Home

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Size: 14" wingspan x 2 ¾" deep x 4 ¼" high
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This Airplane Shaped Clock is actually made from real airplane parts. Specifically it is crafted of recycled airplane aluminum. It is hand cast, hand buffed, and polished to a bright, attractive sheen. Even better is that the Airplane Clock displays clean and simple lines giving it a handsome and unique style. The 14 inch wingspan is also the ideal size for the clock to be situated on a desk or shelf.

Nancy's Notes: At Tailwinds I enjoy gifts that have interesting history associated with them such as our Airplane Shaped Clock. During WW I, and carried on during WWII, gifted soldiers handcrafted creations from whatever materials were available such as bullet shells, wood, and aircraft aluminum to name a few. This art form became known as "trench art." Some of the more popular items that were made by army personnel would be airplane models, and clocks in various shapes and sizes. We are pleased to offer a replica of an airplane shaped "trench art" clock.