American Flag Weathervane, Garden Size

American Flag Weathervane For Garden or Home Rooftop

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Flag Size: 24"L x 16"H”
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Weathervanes: The copper American Flag Weathervane, Garden Weathervane Size, displays the American Flag from America's younger years. This American Flag Weathervane was created by skilled artisans using old world techniques to forge copper and brass into this functional work of art. The American Flag Weathervane figure measures about 24" long x 11" high. The American Flag Weathervane is copper with a painted finish.

The weathervane is fully functional and is precisely balanced so that it will turn into even a light breeze to tell you the direction of the wind. Easy to follow assembly instructions are included with the weathervane and it can be assembled in minutes. This weathervane comes with a 5-year written manufacturer's warranty.

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