Consolidated Replica Airplane Propeller

Capturing the Legacy of the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation.

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Length: 39.5"
Blade Height: 4"
Depth: 2.25"

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In 1923, the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation took flight, leaving an indelible mark on aviation history. Renowned for their production of flying boats in the 1920s and 1930s, their most iconic creation was the PBY Catalina, a flying boat that served valiantly during World War II.

This finely crafted replica propeller serves as a tribute to the pioneering spirit of Consolidated Aircraft Corporation. Crafted from exquisite mahogany wood, it boasts a luxurious high polish and meticulous hand-painted details. Carefully added nicks and dings enhance its authenticity, echoing the wear and tear of a bygone era.

One blade proudly showcases the historic Consolidated Aircraft Corporation logo, embodying the legacy of innovation and excellence that this company brought to the world of aviation. This replica propeller is more than a decoration; it's a symbol of history and a nod to the remarkable aircraft that once graced our skies.