Large Control Tower Wall Clock

Aviation Gifts: Unveil the 12/24 Hour Control Tower Clock

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Size: 20" Diameter
4.25" Deep
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Inspired by the vintage timepieces found in control towers, our 12/24 Hour Control Tower Clock is a top-quality aviation gift that exudes timeless style. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, it boasts a steel casing and a glass lens, ensuring its durability and classic charm. To accentuate its aged look, the case is elegantly finished in rustic grey.

While this Control Tower Clock carries the essence of aviation's golden age, it's equipped with modern features to enhance its functionality. The precision of quartz clock movement, powered by a single AA battery, ensures accurate timekeeping. Its inner minute track, high-contrast numbers, and distinctive orange-red hands make it exceptionally easy to read from across the room. Additionally, the bi-level descending dial offers both 12 and 24-hour time formats, making it a perfect addition for aviators and collectors alike.

This clock is more than a timekeeping tool; it's a gift that celebrates the passion for aviation and the timeless appeal of vintage design.