Moon Walking Astronaut Figure

Moon Walking Astronaut Figure: A Tribute to Space Exploration

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Size: 4.75" x 3" x 3"
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Our Moon Walking Astronaut figure is ready to travel to the moon and back. This remarkable sculpture celebrates the spirit of space exploration with intricate details and life-like accents.


  • Incredible Details: A master artisan meticulously crafted the details on the astronaut’s space suit, capturing the essence of a real astronaut's gear.
  • Hand Painted Accents: These accents add depth and realism to the figure, making it a striking piece.
  • Cold Cast Bronze Technique: The metal-looking astronaut is created using a method that mixes bronze powder with translucent casting resin. This process results in a sculpture with the appearance of solid metal and bronze, but without the expense.

Ideal for Space Enthusiasts

  • Cool Gift: This figure is not just a decorative piece but a trendy gift that celebrates the spirit of exploring the stars.
  • Standout Design: Its detailed design and metallic finish make it a standout item in any collection, perfect for space enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Celebrate the excitement and adventure of space exploration with this beautifully crafted Moon Walking Astronaut figure. A perfect addition to any collection or a thoughtful gift for the space enthusiast in your life.