NASA Artemis 1 Wall Art

NASA Artemis 1 - Lunar Bound Again!

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Size: 17" x 14"
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This commemorative wall art includes photographs of the Artemis 1 launch, and the Orion Spacecraft.  It features a fantastic photo of the Earth and Moon from the exterior view of the spacecraft.  It also displays the Orion capsule splashdown near the coast of Guadalupe Island, and the Artemis mission identifier is handsomely displayed.

The Artemis 1 launched from the Kennedy Space center on November 16, 2022 as an unscrewed moon-orbiting mission.  It was the first lunar exploration after conclusion of the Apollo program that ended 5 decades earlier.  It was also the first integrated flight test of the Orion spacecraft and the SLS (Space Launch System) system.  Select black or black and brown frame.