Sopwith Camel Propeller | Medium Size

Vintage Sopwith Camel Replica Airplane Propeller

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Length: 47.25"
Depth: 2.75"
Blade Width: 5.5"
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This wooden airplane propeller is a replica of an original Sopwith Camel Propeller that was purchased at auction. Our propeller is a down-sized version of the popular large Sopwith Camel Propeller that measures over 6 feet in length.

This version of the auctioned Sopwith Camel Propeller was actually made by an American company, Sensenich, that still manufacturers airplane propellers to this day! The Sopwith Camel Propeller was crafted in the 1930s, and displays a copy of the Sensenich winged emblem that was in use during that era.

While we all can't be Snoopy Flying Ace piloting our own Sopwith Camel airplane ready to engage in an aerial "dogfight" with the Red Baron. At least, we can all enjoy this fantastic wood replica Sopwith Camel Propeller and its historical significance hanging on our wall. Hardware for hanging the propeller is automatically included.