Large Spirit of St. Louis Model

Check-out the Incredible Detail on this Metal Spirit of St. Louis Aircraft

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Wingspan: 19 ½"
Length: 12 ¼"
High: 3 ½"
Model Planes – This model airplane of the Spirit of St. Louis is a replica of the aircraft piloted by Charles Lindbergh in his quest to be the first pilot to fly non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean. On May 21, 1927, “Lucky Lindy" landed in France with his Ryan aircraft named “Spirit of St. Louis" setting a new world record.

There are many choices to select from in buying a replica Spirit of St. Louis model, but what is so extraordinary about this model is the incredible level of detail. Just look at the inset photograph showing the features of the rotary engine with the protruding pistons. The cowling, the front part of the plane, is crafted from aluminum and the Spirit of St. Louis name is hand painted replicating the original. Through the “windows" you can see the meticulous design of the cockpit complete with the instrument panel and seat. The plane's fuselage and wings are a fabric covered wood frame. Even the landing gear is authentic with real rubber wheels and the wheels are slightly “toed-in" like the original. This model of the Spirit of St. Louis is truly a wonderful collectible.

The size of the Spirit of St. Louis model airplane is also impressive. It has about a 19 ½ inch wingspan, 12 ¼ inch length and stands about 3 ½ inches high making it the perfect size for a desktop, bookshelf or tabletop. Picture of Lindbergh and newspaper are not included with the model plane.