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Airplane Fan: The Tigershark Warbird Airplane Fan is better than ever! This Tigershark Airplane Ceiling Fan is a replica of the original "Flying Tiger" Tiger Shark squadron airplane nose art on the P-40 Warhawk / Tomahawk / Kittyhawk aircraft flown during WW II.

In addition to having a fun, novelty style, it is an exceedingly well-built, quality ceiling fan that comes with a 25-year manufacturer's warranty. So what are the parameters of a first-rate ceiling fan? To start, a large motor makes for longer life, greater efficiency, and better air circulation. The Tigershark Ceiling fan has a powerful (153x12 mm motor size), yet silent, high-efficiency motor that uses less than 1 amp of energy. Even at high speeds this equates to using less energy than 75-watt light bulb.

Next add blades that are matched to exact weight and 15° pitch to greatly increase airflow. The 3 propeller-shaped blades on the Tigershark Ceiling Fan have about a 48" blade span. The pitch is important because with greater airflow movement the ceiling fan will make the air cooler during the summer and help reclaim lost heat from the ceiling during the winter.

Other quality key features of this fan are:

  • A heavy-duty motor for smooth quiet performance
  • A 16-pole motor with 2,000+ feet of copper windings for greater efficiency and smoother performance
  • Multiple capacitor to control starting and running
  • Die-cast aluminum rotors for cool running
  • Stamped steel housing which is approximately 17" Heavy-duty bearings that never need oiling because they are permanently lubricated
  • 3-speed reversible switching for summer and winter
  • Factory installed gaskets to reduce noise and vibration. If that weren't enough, the Tigershark Ceiling Fan has an integrated light kit in the nose. Maximum 60-watt bulb. The body of the fan measures about 17 inches from ceiling to nose cone.

What to look for when buying an authentic replica airplane ceiling fan.

We think that what sets Tailwinds apart is our extensive collection of quality airplane gifts that celebrate the joy of flight. Our airplane ceiling fans really represents this theme. Each of these magnificent beauties are painstakingly assembled. When you purchase aviation ceiling fans for display in your living room or den, you want a piece that enhances your decor. These distinctive warbird ceiling fans are art that will match your decorating taste and stand out as collector's items. Often conversation pieces and collector's items but always first and foremost, a great addition to any interior design.

Also, since we are all in a time where energy has become an issue for both the environment and the pocket book, the American invented ceiling fan offers a solution that is both green and economical. Ceiling fans deliver more warmth in the winter months and cool down environments during hot summer months. According to a Florida Power & Light study, ceiling fans can save 40% on cooling energy costs. And they are efficient using less energy of than a 75 watt light bulb.

Nancy's tip:: "The more blades on the fan, the more efficiently air is circulated and the quieter the fan." On most fans, the summer setting is a counter-clockwise rotation, viewed from below. In the winter, fans run in reverse (clockwise), reclaiming lost heat from the ceiling. They provide an even, comfortable temperature by moving hot air back down to the living areas below. They can make 80 degrees seem like 72 and in the winter do the reverse.