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Awesome Warplanes Indoor Ceiling Fan

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The Craftmade Tiger Shark Warbird Airplane Ceiling Fan is a high-quality, novelty indoor ceiling fan that replicates the iconic "Flying Tiger" nose art from the P-40 Warhawk aircraft used during WWII. Combining fun design with top-notch functionality, this ceiling fan offers both aesthetic appeal and efficient performance, backed by a liftime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Key Features

  • Powerful Motor: Equipped with a robust 153x12 mm motor, the fan ensures longer life, greater efficiency, and superior air circulation. The 3-speed reversible motor operates quietly and uses less than 1 amp of energy, which is more efficient than a 75-watt light bulb.
  • Efficient Blades: The three propeller-shaped blades have a 48" span and a 15° pitch, enhancing airflow to cool your space in the summer and reclaim heat in the winter.
  • High-Quality Components:
    • Heavy-duty motor for smooth, quiet performance.
    • 16-pole motor with 2,000+ feet of copper windings for efficiency and smooth operation.
    • Multiple capacitors for controlled starting and running.
    • Die-cast aluminum rotors for cool running.
    • Stamped steel housing (approx. 17") and heavy-duty bearings that are permanently lubricated.
    • 3-speed reversible switching for summer and winter settings.
    • Factory-installed gaskets to reduce noise and vibration.
  • Integrated Light Kit: Located in the nose, the fan includes a maximum 60-watt bulb, adding functionality and style.

Design and Construction

  • Authentic Replica: The fan’s design is a faithful replica of the Tiger Shark squadron airplane nose art, adding a unique aviation theme to your space.
  • Durable and Attractive: The blades and housing are designed to be durable, with an attractive finish that complements any décor.

Energy Efficiency

  • Eco-Friendly: The ceiling fan is a green and economical solution for temperature control, potentially saving up to 40% on cooling energy costs according to a Florida Power & Light study.
  • Year-Round Use: In summer, the fan runs counter-clockwise to cool the room, while in winter, it runs clockwise to redistribute warm air.

The Tiger Shark Warbird Airplane Ceiling Fan is more than just a cooling device; it’s a piece of aviation history and art. With its robust construction, efficient performance, and striking design, it’s a perfect addition to any aviation enthusiast’s home. Enhance your décor and enjoy the benefits of a well-built ceiling fan that pays tribute to the legendary Flying Tigers.


Lifetime Limited Warranty