Buzz Aldrin Limited Edition Print

Alan Bean Signed Buzz Aldrin Limited Edition Print

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Image Size: 17 ½" wide x 23 ¼" high
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Space Art – Edwin “Buzz" Aldrin was the 2nd man to walk on the moon and this artistic representation of the photograph taken by Neil Armstrong is a limited edition of 200 prints. What better way to capture this historic moment than by fellow astronaut, and now artist, Captain Alan Bean member of the Apollo 12 team.

Alan not only portrays this monumental moment, but also shows the reflection of the American flag, Neil Armstrong, and the command module in Aldrin's visor. The fascinating aspect of the artwork is that exact replicas of the moon boot footprints are created to add another element of realism to the artwork.

Each art print is signed by artist Alan Bean with a brief description, and mission emblem. The print is shipped flat.