History of Helicopters Stein | Limited Edition

Authentic German Beer Stein with Helicopter History

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Size: 9 ¾" High
Capacity: .75 Liter

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Our history of Helicopters Beer Stein is truly a fantastic collectible. Beer steins have a long history of being collectibles due to their distinctive designs, and our Helicopter Stein is no exception. This stein handsomely displays a timeline of major events and accomplishments of helicopters in German.

Nancy's Notes: Offering quality merchandise has always been one of the core principles of Tailwinds.com. The history of the Helicopters Stein is one such example. This stein is not some inexpensively made knock-off from China. It is an authentic stoneware stein produced in Germany. The fact that it is also a limited edition of 5,000 units worldwide adds to its value as a special, unique collectible.

The body of the Helicopter Stein is crafted in black glazed stoneware with a silver tone wrap around design. The stein's center badge, crafted from pewter, shows Leonardo DaVinci's early version of a helicopter with compass rose. It is speculated that lids where added to steins during the middle ages simply to keep infected insects out of the beer during the black plaque. The extraordinary lid on the stein, also crafted from pewter, displays a helicopter figure with movable top rotor. The history of the Helicopters Stein is a wonderful gift for oneself, a fellow pilot, or a collector.