Large Aluminum DC-3 Dakota Model

Stunning Large Aluminum Replica of the Dakota DC-3 Aircraft

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Wing Span: 38 ½"
Length: 25 ½"

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This large aluminum DC-3 Dakota Model Airplane is a replica model of the original DC-3 aircraft that had its first flight in 1935. The DC-3 Dakota was the most popular commercial aircraft of its time and 16,079 were eventually manufactured. It was considered fast; flying West to East was only a 15 hour flight with 3 refueling stops. The DC-3 Dakota gained a reputation as the workhorse of the skies because of its ability to land just about anywhere there was a dirt or grass runway. Perhaps this is why DC-3s are still flying today in developing countries.

This handsome model of the DC-3 Dakota is so well constructed that it looks like a real DC-3 aircraft, just a smaller version. It is the use of real aluminum sheeting attached to the body of the aircraft with rivet like fasteners that give the Dakota model its authentic look. Slight antiquing is applied to the aluminum sheeting and radial engines enhancing its realistic appearance. The landing gear is extended with movable ailerons, and there are also movable rudder and elevators on the vertical and horizontal stabilizers.

The size of this model is imposing. The DC-3 Dakota model has a wingspan of over 3 feet measuring about 38 ½". To stay in proportion, the length is about 25 ½" and from wheels to the top of the model about 6 ¾" high. There are a variety of ways to display this stunning model. Use the silver tone deco style metal base which stands about 10" high and 5 ½" at the widest part. You can also place the DC-3 Dakota model on a desk, bookshelf or any flat area. Or, display this stunning model hung from the ceiling. Minor assembly is required by attaching wings to the main body by the engine mounts and affixing the propellers.

Nancy's Notes: This DC-3 Dakota model is one of the finest ones I've ever seen. What impressed me is the attention to detail on this model aircraft. I can't decide if I'm more amazed at the meticulous look of the radials engines, the movable ailerons, or the fact that the landing gear is so well assembled that even the wheel wells are revealed. I've had the DC-3 Dakota model sitting in my office for a couple of months now and everybody is immediately drawn to this aircraft. Comments are made on the excellent quality of the craftsmanship; particularly the aluminum sheeting, and the overall comprehensive design. This model is an ideal gift for the discriminating collector.</font color>