Large Aluminum Concorde Model Aircraft

Incredible Historic Reproduction of the Supersonic Concorde Aircraft

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Wingspan: 18.1"
Length: 33.85"
Height: 14.95"
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This large, aluminum, replica of the Supersonic Concorde Aircraft is simply stunning, and is part of our historical model collection. The size alone makes this Concorde an impressive model. Our replica Supersonic Concorde sculpture is an impressive 33 inches in length! The cockpit may also be tilted down adding realism to the aircraft display.

The Concorde aircraft was a novelty of its time and the first supersonic passenger aircraft. Flown by British Airways, and Air France it flew at twice the speed of sound, Mach 2.04 or 1,354 mph. The aircraft had its first test flight in 1969 and was introduced in January, 1976. It was retired in October, 2003.

This model sculpture of the Concorde Aircraft is certainly a superb gift for the discerning collector.