Concorde Model Sculpture

Sleek,Aluminum Concorde Sculpture

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Size: 8" high
Airplane: 18" long with 7" wingspan

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The word stunning does not do justice to this sculpture of the Concorde Model Plane. Handsomely crafted from polished aluminum the Concorde sculpture is a replica of the original aircraft. It displays the same sleek and extraordinary form that allowed the Concorde to obtain supersonic flight.

The Concorde is legendary as it was the only commercial aircraft that was supersonic allowing a traveler to fly from New York to London in record time of just 3 hours, reaching speeds of up to Mach 2. Flown by British Airways and Air France, everything about the Concorde was first class. Gourmet meals with only the finest wines were served to passengers. The interior design was posh to cater to its elite clientele that could afford the $5,000 - $10,000 air fare. Only 20 of the Concorde aircraft were ultimately built. The Concorde was eventually retired for many reasons. It guzzled fuel, in comparison to other commercial aircraft it was a terrible polluter, and the Concorde was so noisy that many international airports did not want it to land at their airfield.

This Concorde sculpture is sure to be the focal point of any aviation themed room. It is ideal for a pilot, aviation enthusiast, or anyone that appreciates fine sculpture.