Apollo Command & Lunar Modules
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Apollo Command & Lunar Modules

This Desktop Replica of the Apollo Command and Lunar Excursion Models is a Great Collectible

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Scale: 1/48th
Width: 5.75"
Length: 14"
The Command/Service Module (CSM) was one of two spacecraft, along with the Lunar Module, used for the United States Apollo program which landed astronauts on the Moon. The CSM consisted of two segments: the Command Module, a cabin which housed a crew of three and equipment needed for re-entry and splashdown; and a Service Module that provided propulsion, electrical power and storage for various consumables required during a mission. The Service Module was cast off and allowed to burn up in the atmosphere before the Command Module re-entered and brought the crew home.

This authentic, extraordinary replica of the original spacecraft has been faithfully reproduced with a variety of materials such as molded plastic, foil and wood base. Each model is meticulously made following exact blueprint details of the original craft. The result is a handsome, spacecraft sculpture to be admired and enjoyed. Some assembly required.