Biplane Airplane Decanter

Our Biplane Airplane Decanter is an Awesome,Functional Work of Art!

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Globe Diameter: 5"
Capacity: 1000 ml

Our wine and liquor Biplane Airplane Decanter is truly a useful, yet fantastic collectible gift. Decanters have a long history of being collectibles due to their tabletop functionality, and attractive design. And, of course, our Biplane Airplane Decanter is no exception. Many agree that the word decanter received general usage in the 1700s, but it was the early Romans that used decanters over 2,000 years ago as a tabletop vessel for wine. During the Renaissance the slender neck, and wide body on decanters was developed to allow the wine to interact with the air. Around 1730 the British started using stoppers to control the wine's exposure to air. Today decanters are used for cognac, malt whiskies, and other quality liquors.

This exquisite Biplane Airplane Decanter is hand-blown glass that is truly a work of art. It starts with skilled artisans creating the glass airplane figure. Then the artisans meticulously handcraft the globe around the airplane form creating the decanter. A map of the world is then handsomely etched onto the glass globe. The glass stopper tops the decanter creating a tight seal to preserve liquor from evaporation. Finally, the Biplane Airplane Decanter is cradled in a wood display base made from solid oak. The sturdy base, itself, is a finely crafted product that is made in America. Our Biplane Airplane Decanter is a very unique gift for the aviation aficionado.