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Aviation Pioneers Are Celebrated On This Collection Of 5 Aviation Magnets.

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This set of 5 Aviation Magnets features some of the top pioneers in aviation history. The magnets replicate the USPS stamps that commemorated these aviation firsts.
  1. Harriet Quimby: The first woman to obtain a U.S. Pilot's Certificate.
  2. Spirit of St. Louis Airplane: Celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first solo flight across the Atlantic.
  3. USPS Airmail Flights: Actually started in 1911 but became official in 1918.
  4. Lawrence and Elmer Sperry: Elmer invented the gyrocompass and was known as the father of modern navigation technology. Lawrence invented the first autopilot and artificial horizon.
  5. William T. Piper: Manufactured the iconic J-3 Cub aircraft and founder of Piper aircraft.