Aviator Santa Collectible Ornament

Experience the Artistry of our Aviator Santa Ornament: A Remarkable Collectible for the Holiday Season

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Our Aviator Santa Ornament transcends the realm of holiday decor and transforms into a masterpiece of glass art. Each of these exquisite ornaments is a testament to craftsmanship, taking up to 7 days to create, lovingly crafted by some of Poland's finest artisans. It's the fusion of age-old techniques and the infusion of custom-made glitter colors that elevate these ornaments to a league of their own.

The journey of the Aviator Santa Ornament begins with a clay model, painstakingly carved and transformed into a metal mold. Glass is then artfully blown into this mold, giving birth to the charming Santa figure we adore. To enhance its radiance, a silver interior lining is delicately applied to reflect the holiday lights.

Our Aviator Santa is dressed in a decorative cloak adorned with four hand-painted airplanes, each glistening with a coat of glitter. Complete with a wood-like propeller, this Aviator Santa is ready to make a grand entrance on your Christmas tree.

This exquisite ornament is more than a decoration; it's a family heirloom in the making, destined to be treasured and celebrated for years to come.