Gingerbread Helicopter Collectible Ornament

Introducing the Gingerbread-look Helicopter Ornament: A Sweet Addition to Your Holiday Tree!

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Length About 6"

Our Gingerbread-look Helicopter Ornament is more than just a decoration; it's a masterpiece of glass art and a delightful collectible for the holiday season. Crafted with unwavering dedication, each ornament undergoes about a meticulous 7-day creation process, individually handcrafted by some of Poland's most skilled artisans. What sets these ornaments apart is the infusion of old-world techniques and the artful use of custom-made glitter colors, ensuring they shine brilliantly among the rest.

The journey of the Helicopter Ornament begins with a clay model, painstakingly carved and transformed into a durable metal mold. Glass is then lovingly blown into this mold, giving birth to the charming helicopter figure we admire. Complete with a candy cane top rotor, this Helicopter ornament is ready to make a graceful landing on your Christmas tree.

This exquisite ornament isn't just a holiday decoration; it's destined to become a cherished family keepsake, evoking joy and nostalgia year after year.