F-5E Tiger II Model Airplane

Experience the F-5E Tiger II Airplane: A Remarkable Wooden Scale Model

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Scale: 1/40th
Wingspan: 8.25"
Length: 14.5"

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Our F-5E Tiger II Airplane model stands as a true-to-life replica of the original aircraft manufactured by Northrop. The F-5, a light supersonic fighter aircraft, has graced the skies under the banner of the USN and numerous other countries, with Northrop producing 2,246 A-E variants.

Crafted from kiln-dried Philippine mahogany wood, our F-5E Tiger II model is an authentic and extraordinary reproduction of the original aircraft. Meticulously carved, hand-sanded, and painted with precision, this model captures the exact blueprint details of the F-5E Tiger II. The result is a handsome wooden airplane sculpture that pays homage to the iconic aircraft and invites admiration.