Large Metal Ford Trimotor Aircraft

Magnificent Collectible Model Aircraft of the <b>Tin Goose</b> aka Ford Trimotor

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Wingspan: 39.75"
Length: 26.25"
Height: 7.75"
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This metal Ford Trimotor Aircraft model is simply stunning, and is part of our historical collection for good reason. The exterior is mostly crafted with flat or corrugated metal, just like the original. The Ford Trimotor, also known as the Tin Goose has incredible detail. Just look at the indepth elements on the engines, and the angle of the propeller blades. This replica aircraft is so historically accurate any collector would display this aircraft with pride in their collection.
The size alone make this an impressive model. Our replica Tin Goose has over a 39” wingspan. That’s over 3 feet! The Ford Trimotor was built from 1926 to 1933, and 199 aircraft were produced. Trimotors were flown both by the commercial airlines, oil companies, and wealthy people. A metal base is included with the purchase.