Gemini Titan II Model Rocket

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Scale: 1/72nd
Height: 18.5"

This replica scale model of the Gemini Titan II Rocket or GLV (Gemini Launch Vehicle) was used to launch all 12 Gemini NASA missions beginning in 1964 to 1966. The Titan II was also an ELV or Expendable Launch Vehicle which means that it was used only once and none of the parts were reused. The Gemini Titan II was considered more reliable and safer than its predecessor the Atlas because it was fewer components. The rocket was a liquid propelled and the first that used 2 stages and 2 different engines.

This scale model of the Gemini Titan II GLV shows extraordinary detail. The rocket is crafted from pressure cast composite resin allowing each model to display various facets of the Gemini Launch Vehicle. Careful detail is taken to keep all parts to scale making this spacecraft an extraordinary collectible gift.