F4F Wildcat Model

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Our F4F Wildcat Airplane is a replica scale model of the original aircraft manufactured by Grumman. The F4F Wildcat airplane was a carrier-based fighter aircraft flown during WW II. Used during the Battle of Midway, it was an effective fighter against the Mitsubishi Zero aircraft. Although slower than the Japanese Zero the Wildcat was more rugged as it had self-sealing fuel tanks. The USN had also developed a maneuver called the Thach Weave that made them more effective in combat. Ultimately 7,885 F4F Wildcat planes were built.

The Grumman F4F Wildcat model is an authentic, extraordinary replica of the original aircraft that has been faithfully reproduced with kiln dried Philippine mahogany wood. Each model is meticulously carved, hand sanded and painted following exact blueprint details of the original aircraft. The result is a handsome, wood airplane sculpture to be admired and enjoyed. It also arrives with an attractive wood base for display.