Large Sopwith Camel Propeller | White Tips Red Stripes

Cool Sopwith Camel Style Airplane Propeller

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Length: 73"
Depth: 3 ½"
Blade Width: 7"

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Our newest Sopwith Camel Style Propeller is a fantastic gift for a pilot, airplane enthusiast, or anyone inspired by flight. The large size, over 6 feet, makes an impressive statement positioned in a corner, or hanging on a wall in an airplane themed room, or airplane hangar. The shape of this propeller is based upon our top selling large Sopwith Camel Propeller that was replicated from one purchased at auction.

This Sopwith Camel Style Propeller is crafted from solid mahogany wood. The propeller blades are handsomely finished in black. The blades themselves have attractive white tips with deep red stripes for a discerning look. Hanging hardware is included.