NASA Detailed Mission T-Shirt

NASA Missions Artistically Shown in Logo T-Shirt

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Our NASA T-Shirt is the original NASA insignia with an awesome arty twist. In the original insignia the sphere represented a planet, the stars were space, and the red chevron was a wing signifying aeronautics. On this shirt the creative process kicked into gear, and the most notable NASA missions are used in the same shape as the original insignia. Click on the second image, and then enlarge the photo. You'll be able to read a lot of the mission names. The logo displays everything from the famous moon quote That's one small step etc, to the Mars Exploration Rover, to remembering Skylab. This shirt is truly an exceptional gift for the space aficionado!

This NASA T-Shirt is made with a 100% cotton fabric with both the creative design, and screen printing being completed in the USA. The black background men's shirt is available in sizes M-XL. Choose the desired size from the drop down menu.