Exact Replica 1930s Airship Clock
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Exact Replica 1930s Airship Clock

Awesome Replica Airship Clock from the 1930s Era

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Size: 15" Diameter
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Now you can own a bit of aviation history. Tailwinds is excited to offer an exact reproduction of a 1930s era Airship Clock (exterior components). This meticulously constructed replica clock was reproduced from an original Airship Clock owned by a private collector.

This is the type of clock that would be found on early 1930s rigid airships like the U.S.S. Akron and U.S.S. Macon. The aeronautical branch of the U.S. Navy would use airships for long-range scouting and support of fleet operations. The Akron and Macon could house up to five Curtiss Sparrowhawk biplanes, which could be launched and retrieved, and then stored in the onboard hangers. The biplanes were used to dramatically extend the scouting range.

Nancy’s Notes: The authenticity of this Airship Clock is amazing. The size is the same with a 15” diameter, and the case is nickel plated aluminum. The black military style dial with Arabic numerals, which was designed so the clock could easily read at a distance are the same. There is even the authentic reproduction of the functioning brass latch that was used to keep the glass door secure during turbulence. The quality of the Airship Clock is excellent, and it will certainly be a very special gift for a pilot, aviation enthusiast, or a collector.

"AA" battery included.