Robinson R-22 Model Helicopter

Stunning Desktop Collectible of the Robinson R-22 Helicopter. Call 800-Tailwinds with any inquiries.

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This R-22 Model Helicopter is a scale model of the original Robinson R-22 helicopter. The R-22 Model Helicopter is crafted from molded resin and is an impressive aviation gift. The Robinson R-22 model helicopter arrives fully assembled and includes a display stand (may vary from the one shown). 

The first R-22 helicopter was designed about 1973 by Frank Robinson which is now the Robinson Helicopter Company. It is a small, light, two-seat helicopter which is probably the most popular light helicopter today. It is used primarily as a rotorcraft trainer and for livestock management on large ranches in the U.S. and Australia. The flight controls are very sensitive and it is said that a student that masters the R-22 does not have a problem in adapting to flight in heavier helicopters.

This authentic, extraordinary replica of the original aircraft has been faithfully reproduced. Each model is meticulously shaped, hand sanded and painted following exact blueprint details of the original aircraft. The result is a handsome, aircraft sculpture to be admired and enjoyed.