Space Shuttle Collection

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This is an absolutely stunning scale model collection of all 6-orbiter space shuttle models. Each orbiter shows its OV number or orbiter vehicle designation and its official name. The space shuttle orbiters were designed as reusable spacecraft under the Space Transportation System. These models are meticulously handcrafted and attractively displayed on a beautiful mahogany wood base with NASA logo and American flag. Model scale is 1/200, with about a 4 ½ inch wingspan and 7 inch length for each orbiter model.

The space shuttle orbiters had a wide variety of missions. The orbiters launched satellites, conducted numerous scientific tests in space, helped with the Hubble Space Telescope, and transported astronauts to the ISS (International Space Station) to name a few of the completed missions. The Enterprise Orbiter never went into space but was used exclusively for approach and landing tests. Unfortunately the Columbia and Challenger orbiters were lost in mission accidents with a loss of life. The Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour Shuttles successfully fulfilled over 100 plus missions.