Shuttle Carrier Aircraft with Orbiter Model

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This scale model of the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft with a Space Shuttle Orbiter on top is simply striking. The replica model is a tribute to the success of the American space program and displays incredible detail. The model arrives fully assembled with a handsome wood and metal base with NASA logo and descriptive plaque. Model scale is 1/144, with about a 19 ¼ inch wingspan and 16 ¼ inch length.

The Shuttle Carrier Aircraft or SCA as they were called were heavily modified B-747-100 aircraft that were converted to provide ferry service for the space shuttle orbiters. Weight was cut by stripping the cabin and the airframe was strengthened to handle the weight of the orbiter. Mounting struts were added and additional vertical stabilizers were added to the tail for stability. When flying with an orbiter fuel and altitude were severely affected. The range dropped from 5,500 nautical miles to only 1,000 nautical miles before refueling was required. Only two of the SCAs were ever built.