Replica Spitfire Airplane Desk Clock

Spitfire or Airplane Aficionados this replica Spitfire Cockpit Clock is for You

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Size 3" x 2 ½" x 3"
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Put a bit of aviation history on your desktop or tabletop with our Replica Spitfire Clock. The Spitfire aircraft was a single seat fighter aircraft mostly flown by the Royal Air Force. This clock was designed to pay tribute to the brave RAF pilots that flew in the Battle of Britain in 1940. Space was at a premium in the cockpit so most of the aircraft instruments were straightforward and no nonsense like this replicated clock.

Nancy's Notes: Here is in interesting historical note on the Spitfire Clock. Back in the day, clocks and watches needed winding almost daily. But for important timekeeping devices, like those on ships and airplanes, it was important that they run as long as possible on a single winding. So any clock dial that indicated 8 Days, like the Spitfire Clock, meant that the timepiece only needed to be wound once a week.

Some embellishments on the Spitfire Clock have been added to focus on the simplicity of the clock, but in keeping with the aviation style. The clock itself is made of brass and polished aluminum with a heavy glass lens to protect the non-glare black dial. It uses a N-Cell battery. If you like Spitfires check out our Spitfire Metal Model Airplane