Deco Design Airplane Propeller Desk Clock

Get Deco Design Propeller Desk Clock To Enhance The Style Of Your Living Area

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Size: 12" wide x 4" high
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Aviation Décor - Our newest Airplane Propeller Clock is loaded with flair, and is the ideal size for a desk, bookshelf, or nightstand. The clock, with its captivating aluminum art deco design, will enhance the style of an office, den, or any living area. This Airplane Propeller Clock displays traditional deco style with the rings around the clock face, sleek airplane propeller design with clock in the center, and geometric base.

Nancy's Notes: What I find interesting about this Airplane Propeller Clock is the connection with style of the clock and aircraft design. Art Deco style that began in France after WW I, offered bold, geometric shapes that were symmetrical, and sleek in nature. Aircraft designers are always looking for ways to decrease the drag component. In a similar fashion to art deco design, aircraft designers use the “sleek" factor to help reduce drag making the aircraft more efficient to fly.

The aluminum airplane propeller has a good sized span of 12 inches, and the clock is both attractive, and functional. Its white face makes the clock easy to read, and it includes an alarm function with reliable quartz movement. The clock face is about a 2 inches in diameter, and the power source, a button battery is included.