U.S. Air Force Throw/Blanket

This is a great blanket with US Air Force airplanes planes from WWI through the present.

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Size: 48" x 60"

Our U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army Air Corp throw blanket is completely made in the U.S.A. of 100% cotton. The blanket is actually 3-ply which provides added warmth and cozy comfort to the user. The design on the throw blanket shows some of the mighty fighters of the air force from the past and present.

The throw handsomely displays 15 of the USAF fighter aircraft such as the P-26A, P-6E Hawk, P-40 Tomahawk, P-47 Thunderbolt, P-39 Airacobra, P-51 Mustang, P-80 Shooting Star, F-86 Sabre, (just a note to honor Bob Hoover, who taught USAF Korean War pilots how to fly the F-86), F-100 Super Sabre, F-104 Starfighter, F-15 Eagle, F-102A, F-16 Falcon, F-4 Phantom, and the F-117 Stealth plane. This U.S. Air Force Throw Blanket is so attractive it also makes a wonderful tapestry for wall hanging.