ASA Private Pilot FAA Exam Prep Software

ASA Private Pilot FAA Exam Prep Software With Private and Recreational Pilot Test Features

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This is the ASA Private Pilot FAA Exam and Test Preparation software. The ASA Private Pilot Test Prep software, with current questions, has been completely rewritten to take advantage of the latest advances in technology. Student pilots can take true-to-form practice exams and get immediate feedback on whatever test areas need more work. Realistic test simulation, study and review models, detailed performance graphs, comprehensive study guides and built-in timers give the student pilot the confidence needed to pass the FAA written exam. Questions are supported by study guides and comprehensive explanations for correct and incorrect answers. Instructors can also create pop quizzes of any length, on any subject matter, to supplement study sessions.

Major features of the Private and Recreational Pilot (airplane, rotorcraft, glider, lighter-than-air, powered parachute, and weight-shift control) tests include:

  • Compatibility with both PC and Macintosh systems.
  • CX-2 electronic flight computer is built into the program, accessed by a click of a button during study sessions or simulated tests.
  • The user can make and save user notes while studying in a Notes field, for annotations and comments.
  • “Google"-like search capabilities…search for a word or phrase in the entire database of questions, answers, and explanations.
  • Includes a comprehensive and searchable glossary.
  • Shuffle the answer stems for a true test of the student's knowledge.
  • The user can build a follow-up quiz from the airman test report. The FAA doesn't tell you which questions were wrong on your test—they only give you the subject matter knowledge codes. You can plug the codes into the program to create a custom post-test follow-up, which is required prior to taking your checkride.
  • Simulates the CATS testing center in screen layout, buttons, program navigation; replicates what you'll see when you take your official FAA exam.
  • The user can choose to print results, or e-mail them to the ground or flight instructor to obtain endorsement to take the FAA test.
  • Built-in study guides are available at a click of a button for study sessions with comprehensive text and figures.
  • Performance history reflects individual tests, not just cumulative performance. View a performance graph depicting total score and a score for each subject, as well as review the test (shows your selected answer, the correct answer and explanation).
  • Download and automatically update the database each time the FAA releases new or changed questions. A free email subscription service keeps you informed anytime a change is made.