B-25 Doolittle's Raiders Signed Aviation Art Print

B-25 Doolittle Raiders William S. Phillips Signed Aviation Art Print

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Size: 22" x 25 11/16"

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The B-25 portrayed on this aviation art print is the 15th aircraft in Lt. Colonel James (Jimmy) Dootlittle's Raiders. Doolittle's Raiders were comprised of 16 B-25 crews aboard the USS Hornet who carried out the historic air raid on Japan in April, 1942. This limited edition aviation art print by award winning artist William S. Phillips, illustrates the flight of the 15th aircraft to leave the carrier's deck piloted by Lt. Donald G. Smith. After bombing its targets in Kobe, Japan Smith knew that they would not make the Chinese mainland. The weather had rapidly deteriorated and visibility dropped to zero. He was forced to ditch the aircraft but all 15 crew members survived.

All of the 80 men that went on the mission received the Congressional Gold Medal. The last surviver, Lt. Col. Dick Cole passed away in April 2019 at 103 years of age. This magnificent art print has 8 of the “Doolittle's Raiders" original signatures. They are:

  • Lt. Colonel Richard E. Cole Co-Pilot 1st Aircraft
  • David J. Thatcher Engineer Gunner 7th Aircraft
  • Thomas Griffin Navigator 9th Aircraft
  • MSgt. Edwin Horton, Jr. Gunner 10th Aircraft
  • Colonel William Bowers Pilot 12th Aircraft
  • Lt. Colonel Edward Saylor Engineer Gunner 15th Aircraft
  • Maj. General David M. Jones 5th Aircraft
  • Charles J. Ozuk , Jr. 3rd Aircraft

Only 300 editions of this marvelous art print were completed. Truly a stunning print to be enjoyed and an art investment that will likely appreciate in value.