Large WW I Airplane Propeller | Blue Tips

Our WW I Style Wood Airplane Propeller with Blue Tips is Cool Airplane Wall Decor

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Length: 73.25"
Depth: 3.5"
Blade Width: 6"

This large WW I style Wood Propeller with blue tips is styled after early day propellers similar to the ones used on the Nieuport, Spad or Jenny aircraft. Its large size, measuring over six feet, also makes it a fantastic focal point in any room. We are often asked about the different color on the propeller tips. Propeller tip color was used to alert folks nearby that the propeller was rotating and to steer clear. Barnstormer pilots often used even more color to make their plane more noticeable to potential passengers. Nicks and dings have been added to the aged birch wood propeller adding to the authentic, vintage look. The wood has also been hand distressed and hand rubbed providing for an attractive, rich finish.