Large Airplane Propeller | French Antique Brown

Attractive Large WWI Style Airplane Propeller is Stunning Aviation Decor

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Length: 73"
Depth: 3.5"
Blade Width: 6"
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Our Large Airplane Propeller is crafted from solid wood and is fantastic aviation décor. This authentic looking vintage propeller uses some of the same principles that were used in crafting propellers from the early days of aviation. One of those principles is the use of red tips. Airplanes from this era needed to be "hand-propped" to start the engine. When the propeller blades were a uniform color, it was sometimes difficult to tell if they were spinning. This resulted in accidents where people would inadvertently walk into the spinning blades. Red, the color of warning, was painted on the propeller tips to prevent this type of accident.

The Large Replica Airplane Propeller has a wonderful aged look with the blades being finished in French antique brown with bright red tips. To add to the vintage style, there are 6-bolt like protrusions with a brass plate to look as if the propeller was recently attached to an airplane. The propeller measures about 6 feet long, and arrives with hardware for hanging the propeller.