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Patty Wagstaff's Remarkable Journey to a Top Aerobatic Champ

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Patty Wagstaff in not just an American aviation legend and aerobatic champion, a woman who can fly at the highest levels she also is an introspective and sometimes brilliant explorer into the spiritual quest of flying. "Speed is life. Speed is fun, and so is tumbling and floating. .... Being tuned tot the inner melody, the heartbeat of the airplane, the engine, gives us the quality of being in the moment. ... I am elated into the dimension of space, and I feel more than a person,...--a bird, a winged human -- in reality a fusion of fire and air." Based in St. Augustine, Florida, Patty Wagstaff Aviation Safety, LLC trains pilots from all over the world in aerobatics, airmanship and upset training. She continues working in the aviation field as an airshow pilot, stunt pilot for films, consultant, flight instructor, and writer. Wagstaff is emeritus board member of the Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum, and was on the Presidential Advisory Committee to the Centennial of Flight Commission. She flies airshows across North America in a variety of airplanes, including an Extra 300S, T-6 Texan, and a P-51 Mustang. In addition to airshows, she has flown OV-10 Broncos as a seasonal aerial firefighter director in California. She is an instrument-rated pilot and has owned a Beechcraft Baron and a Cirrus SR22 and currently flies a Beechcraft Bonanza.