"The Connie" Large Aluminum Model

This "Queen of the Skies," "Connie" Aluminum Replica Aircraft is a Stunning Collectible

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Wingspan: 29.6"
Length: 27.2"
Height with Stand: 5.1"

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Our Constellation Aluminum Model Aircraft is a replica of the original manufactured by Lockheed. The Constellation airplane was often referred to as the Connie and had a reputation of being called the Queen of the Skies. The airplane earned this title for the elegance of the interior of the airpane, and when commercial flight was truly something special.

Nancy's Notes: This large reproduction of the The Constellation, with almost a 30 inch wingspan, will not disappoint the most discerning collector. The expression to see it is to appreciate it is so true with this replica of the uniquely designed aircraft model. Adjectives like stunning and gorgeous just do not do justice to this replica. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and the detail work is most impressive. This model truly makes a very special gift.

Our replica Connie model is carefully constructed with a lightweight frame which is then enclosed with flat sheet metal. An interesting facet of the metal sheet is that is looks like individual rivets are used to connect the metal, just like a real aircraft.