Saturn V Rocket | Apollo Missions

Cool Replica Scale Model of the Saturn V Rocket Used for Apollo Missions

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Scale: 1/200th
Height: 23"
Base: 6.5" x6.5"
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This Saturn V Rocket is a replica scale model of the original rocket manufactured for NASA. The expendable Saturn V rocket was the heaviest, tallest, and most powerful rocket used by NASA to date. It was used to lauch the Apollo missions, and Skylab, the first American space station. There were 13 launches from 1967-1973, and the Saturn V rocket still holds the record for heaviest payload launch. The rocket height was 363 feet with a 33 foot diameter.

Our Saturn V Rocket model arrives completely assembled and has an attractive base for display. This authentic, extraordinary replica of the original rocket has been faithfully reproduced with mahogany wood. Each model is meticulously crafted and painted following exact blueprint details of the original rocket. The end result is a handsome, collectible sculpture to be admired and enjoyed.