Steampunk Propeller Airplane Statue

Bronzed Vintage Propeller Airplane Sculpture

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Size: Length 6.25"
Wingspan 5.25"
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Steampunk Airplane Sculpture

Our Steampunk Airplane Sculpture is a fantastic gift for any aviation enthusiast, perfectly suited to sit on a desk or shelf. This meticulously crafted figure draws inspiration from WWII propeller-driven aircraft, featuring modifications that enhance its vintage appeal.

Remarkable Detail

  • Radial Type Engine: Carefully designed to replicate the classic engine style.
  • Faux Metal Exterior with Rivets: Adds to the authentic, rugged look.
  • Movable 3-Blade Propeller: Enhances the realistic feel of the sculpture.
  • Bronzed Tone Finish: Provides an authentic, timeless appearance.

Crafted Using Cold Cast Bronze

The metal-looking Airplane Figure is created using a method called cold cast bronze. This technique combines bronze powder with translucent casting resin. The result is a delightful sculpture that mimics the appearance of solid metal and bronze without the high cost.

Perfect Aviation Gift

This sculpture is an ideal gift for an airplane aficionado, bringing the charm and nostalgia of WWII aviation to any room. Its detailed design and quality craftsmanship make it a standout piece in any collection.